Sunday, February 22, 2009

Winter Clearance Sale!

Thank you for the great feedback on our blog! Our "Item of the Day" will be on Wednesday, February 25th this week. We have quite a few spring/summer & Easter dresses already. Get 20% off all dresses on Wednesday only!

We are adding new spring/summer clothing daily so remember to check back very frequently...the inventory literally changes daily! Also, we are so excited about some of our new gift items...we have posted pics of some of our new spring gift items and the first three items pictured are part of our "Specials of the Week" -see details below. Our Winter clothing have now been discounted to the final clearance of 50% off. We will keep them in the store until the end of March. Winter clothing will get picked out quickly at these discounts so come check out the sale early.

In just a week or two, we will be adding customized birthday shirts and big brother/big sister shirts. We are very excited about this because we've had numerous requests. We will have a nice portfolio of designs for you to choose from and they can be customized with the child's name and the birthday shirts can of course include the age. We hope to have more information for you next week!
We are still accepting spring/summer appointments and I
believe our
next available appointment is April 2nd! Please
call or email us with your
desired day of the week & we will
give you our first available date on that day.
We take two
appointments per day, Monday through Friday and items can
be dropped
off between the hours of 11 am to 3 pm. If you
schedule an appointment, please
make sure you mark it on your
calendar & keep it! It can take a month for you
to get back on
our schedule. We will be limiting the amount of baby clothing
will accept. We get overloaded with the smaller sizes which
leaves less room for
the bigger sizes. See our updated
consignment policies at the bottom of the page.
Please read
them as a few things have changed. We will no longer take
items in
bags! They must be laying as flat as possible in
bins or laundry baskets, clean
& pressed, if necessary.

Thank you for supporting your local businesses and we look forward to
seeing you at the Funky Monkey this week!

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